PSIH has been a trusted partner for French hospitals for over 21 years

  • Solution suite focused on business intelligence / clinical activity tracking & management / hospital analytical accounting
    Uniquely positioned in the French Healthcare ecosystem
  • The only business intelligence solution developed specifically for healthcare
  • Completely independent actor.  Financially. Technologically.
  • Separate and apart from the production layer (EMR, Patient admissions and administration software, etc.)
  • Already used by over 1 000 French hospitals to track & manage their clinical activity

Considered the “de facto” solution on the market

  • Built a shared anonymized data warehouse – Setab for all volunteer customers to allow benchmarking (over 260 hospitals already signed up).  This is some of the most reliable healthcare data in France.
  • Existing connections with the most widely-deployed Admissions management software, Hospital finance software, Human resources software, pharmacy management software.  Data fully modeled, cleaned, mapped and integrated
  • The most trusted actor thanks to independence and its position as the hospitals’ ally in tracking activity, maximizing social insurance reimbursements and acting as a check and balance for the reported data from the production layer solution providers.