Why France ?

When it comes to healthcare, you haven’t made it in Europe unless you have successfully deployed in France


France really is a heavyweight

France is the 6th largest economy in the world, BUT France has consistently been having a disproportionate impact on medicine and healthcare. When it comes to Healthcare, France really is a heavyweight.
$300 to $320 Billion USD 2019 Healthcare spend.

Top 10 health systems worldwide

Consistently ranked in the top 10 health systems worldwide
The countries in the top spots are mostly very small countries such as Andora, Luxembourg, or Switzerland.
(USA ranked between 35 and 45).


10% of all clinical trials in the world

Although France represents 0.9 % of World population, over 10% of all clinical trials in the world are conducted in France


Almost 100% of the population has full access to healthcare

Single national model applied in all regions and overseas territories (as opposed to highly fragmented regionalized healthcare markets like Germany, Italy or Spain)