CTOs / Legal Advisors

CEOs / Ethical advisors

Designed to evaluate different aspects of the AI solution:

  • Scientific (impact of the AI solution on its stated business problem focus in a European and French context)
  • Technical (APIs, underlying technologies, etc.)
  • Ethical (approach around data access, storage, sharing and how it stands in the face of different cultural affinities and different European and French requirements).


Staffed by:
panel of subject matter experts
model customers and prospects

  • Held quarterly (in France, US or Canada)

Exchange thoughts, views and ideas as well as best practices

This valuable process brings you (the AI provider) insights and perspectives that you may not otherwise easily have access to.
It helps you brainstorm with recognized experts to better understand how your solution would work in a French context.

The vetting that this committee brings to your solution(s) is invaluable in alleviating prospects’ fears and shortening the sales process.